Stafford Art Literacy


“Art expresses ideas in visual form, much as a book expresses ideas with words. How can you figure out what a work of art is about? Begin with open eyes and an open mind. You bring your own opinions, background and experiences to interpreting an artwork and there can be many different interpretations. Look, question and talk about what you see with a friend.”


Our Mission

The Stafford Art Literacy Program strives to bring art appreciation into your child's classroom through volunteer led presentations about artists and art movements.  We expose students to a wide array of artists, cultures and art mediums and then guide the children through the creation of their own masterpiece inspired by the artist or movement they studied. The program is generously funded by the Stafford PTSA, and is entirely parent volunteer led.




Art literacy projects are a fun way to get involved in your child's classroom and learn alongside them!  Past projects include individual totem poles based on NW Native American Art, quilt squares inspired by Faith Ringgold and pastel drawings inspired by Camille Pissarro.


The success of our program depends on parent volunteers to teach the lessons and help with the projects.  Each classroom will need one lead volunteer to teach the lessons and another 1-3 parents to help with the art project itself. Lead volunteers are trained for each lesson they teach by members of the art literacy committee  NO ART BACKGROUND IS REQUIRED, and all lesson plans and materials are provided!


We are excited to learn more about these artists for the 2019-20 School year:


MC Escher



Egyptian Hieroglyphics



Sonia Delaunay



Sonia Delaunay Files


For the 2019-20 school year we will explore these three Art Literacy projects, one in Fall, Winter and Spring.  Each project will have a 90 minute training session for the lesson leaders. The actual classroom project takes approximately 1-2 hours from set-up through clean-up.  Volunteers do not need to commit to all 3 projects.


Art Lit Schedule


Sign up here to learn more about Stafford’s Art Literacy program, and to find out how you can help, or look for more information about specific dates and times for training and projects at curriculum night!