Our PTSA Board Members

PTSA funds nearly $60,000 worth of programs and equipment that our students would not experience without this support. We also celebrate our teachers and staff with regular appreciation for all they do for our children and organize family and friend events to bring our community together.

Our PTSA is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. The board members listed below volunteer to provide leadership in many capacities. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like more information about involvement. 


Contact any board member at staffordptsa@gmail.com.





Liz Orth


Liz has served as co-president for the past year and currently has three kids at Stafford. Her passion for service includes building relationships and strengthening community. If you see her in the hallway at Stafford, she is always up for a hug. She also fearlessly shows up on facebook live during monthly PTSA meetings. When she is not serving at school, Liz helps her patients as an urgent care doctor and regularly enjoys hikes throughout the Pacific Northwest.









Kimberly Metson


Kimberly has served as co-president for the past year and currently has three sons at Stafford, the youngest being a new kindergartener. Her passion for serving includes attention to detail, advocacy for students, families and staff, along with a tenacious spirit. If you run into her outside of school, she may be farming or floating the Tualatin River. 










Vice President

Kimi Rucker


Kimi has served as the Striders co-chair and staff appreciation co-chair for several years. She currently has two daughters at Stafford, one of whom is in her final 5th grade year. Her passion for serving includes endless energy, honesty, and friendliness. When not chauffeuring her girls to activities, Kimi enjoys a mean game of tennis, running, and coaching softball.








Jenny Christiansen


Jenny has served as treasurer for the past year. She currently has three children attending Stafford. Her passion for service includes a consistent faithfulness and diligence, coupled with incomparable integrity. When Jenny is not crunching budget numbers and cutting checks for reimbursements she can often be found chaperoning a field trip, working as a physician's assistant, or reading a good book.








Tasha Freitas


Tasha has served as secretary for the past year. She currently has three children attending Stafford. Her passion for serving includes immense creativity, a gift of words, and hospitality. When she is not recording minutes at PTSA meetings, Tasha is serving a multitude of people as a pastor's wife and enjoying the bounty of the Oregon outdoors.





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